Friday, June 19, 2009

A Wilderness Life

Life as a Wilderness Ranger in the Prescott National Forest has been amazing! When I'm not in the Wilderness, I'm thinking about the Wilderness. Today, we went out to Granite Mountain Wilderness area and created a ROG (Recreation Opportunity Guide) for the Baby Granite Trail (#320). In order to do this we needed to GPS the whole entire trail first. We woke up early and got the trail head at about 7:30am. After setting up the GPS we proceeded to hike the entire 9.something miles of trail #320. After a long hike, we got back to the office and started our ROG. A ROG is typically what you find in the sign-in box at most Forest Service trail heads explaining anything and everything about the trails in the area. It tells you everything from altitudes on the trail, what kind of plants and wildlife you might see, and it ever tells you the best time of year to visit. Today we finished just one ROG and tomorrow we will finish more. Until then, here are some pictures of the area we hiked today...

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