Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Sycamore Please

Over the Fourth of July weekend we stayed pretty busy. On Friday we went up Juniper Mesa Wilderness with a bunch of water and tools. Throughout the day we cleared trail, crosscut trees, and dug a few drainage spots. It was hot at the beginning of our day but Mother Nature quickly changed her mind and thunder and rain took over for about an hour. While there was no visible lightning overhead, there definitely was booming thunder. We ate lunch in the rain and finished up our work when we got a break from the elements. The rest of our weekend was spent in the Woodchute Wilderness up on the Mingus Range. Before this weekend I had only been on trail #102 in Woodchute so I was pretty new to the Wilderness there. We started on trail #102 and headed E on trail #103. Trail #103 is a fairly new edition to the system of trails in the area so we had a bit of work to do to it. It was a pretty hot day out with not much cloud cover, but I think it was the big tools I had to carry that made me sweat most. We cleared a lot of trail #103 and dug efficient drainage's along the way. While it was a hard work weekend, I enjoyed all of it! I'm feeling better in the Wild everyday. This Thursday we head out to Sycamore Canyon for a 4-day pack-in trip past Parson Springs. I'm really looking forward to it, last time we were at Sycamore we had a great time. I posted a few pictures from Sycamore, I can't wait.

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