Friday, July 24, 2009

A fully loaded weekend

This past weekend was crazy up here in Prescott; and not just because of the weather! It all started Wednesday, July 15th at 7:00 am. Jason had called me the night before and told me to bring my rock climbing gear (harness, chalkbag, shoes) because it was opening day at the Granite Mountain crag. The crag (climbing spot) is located in the wilderness that Prescott National Forest manages, so technically, we were getting paid to rock climb. As we climbed the 400 something foot cliff, a big monsoon started rolling in so at about the 200 foot mark, we had to bail. Even though we didn't get to climb all the pitches, we still had an amazing time! After a fun day of climbing big cliffs, we prepared for a 3-day trip to Taylor Cabin in the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness. Sycamore Canyon is my favorite Wilderness in the forest so I was super excited to get to pack into a spot I had never been to before. Where we were going to camp for the weekend was about 10 miles in the Wilderness, so before the trip we loaded up the horses and Jason packed them in (I had to hike). About 10 miles later I had made it to our destination as the sun was setting; I had beat Jason and the horses. Taylor cabin is a sweet old cabin that was built in 1931 by some dudes everybody calls the "Taylor Brothers." Unfortunately, the inside of it was in pretty bad shape and had mice running around or else I would've slept inside of it. The next morning I woke up to Jason telling me he gave all the water he had collected to the horses and we needed to hike back to the truck, 10 miles back where we started. I calculated the miles when we got back to the truck and I had hiked 22 miles in 24 hours. It was sunny and like 90 degrees outside, I was pretty tired. We set-up camp at another cabin outside of the Wilderness for the night. Sunday morning came pretty quick and we took another hike. Fortunately for me I only had to do like 2 or 3 miles before we packed all of our stuff and headed home. We spent the rest of Sunday unloading the horses and tack (horse goodies). When I got home that night my best bud from Mesa came up with my brothers and we partied hard...Whiskey Row all night!

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